How The Internet Has Changed Advertising?

Since ancient times, advertising has a major role in the business market. It allowed various merchants and companies to aggressively compete with other sellers to get the attention of the consumer to sell their wares. Before the invention of the printing press, advertisements depended on the word of mouth or announcements at street corners. The invention of the printing press made it much easier for companies to advertise their products and services to the general public. With the growth of newspapers and magazines steadily over the centuries, it made it easier for firms to sell themselves due to the fact that magazines and newspapers are widely read and passed around by all types of people.

That was the general rule to follow until about two decades ago when the World Wide Web was made available to the whole world. What started as a small network has dramatically grown to include itself to every aspect of our life, from keeping in touch with our friends from thousands of miles away to watching a movie. It has turned into being part and parcel of our life. When it has such tremendous power, it was only a matter of time till it started playing a part in the business and marketing world. Now advertising was not only done for newspapers and magazines but business started to realize the impact that online advertising could have on their business. This is not to say that conventional methods like billboards and banner printing are decreasing but it marks a new player in the market.

There are multiple companies who have failed to get on with the trend and had to go out of business and declare bankruptcy. The ease of which an individual or company can create their own website certainly helps the cause and the large reach made available by the millions of daily users makes it easy for companies to spread their name and message across. Traditional printing Perth CBD still help the advertising with the use of handouts, and posters but they have a lesser audience than the internet.

Advertising on the internet allows firms to post high quality images and allows potential customers to have a direct chat and inquire more about the services or products available. This method tends to be less of a hassle than calling on the telephone and cheaper too. Social media advertising is another method that has advertising so much easier for firms. Companies have the ability to post ads tailored to each individuals taste and has a higher chance of appealing to the persons taste. With the growth of the internet showing no sign of slowing down, it seems like the best is yet to come.

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